Laura Perkins has always had a fascination with photography. She is able to see the "unseen"! It wasn't until she became a mother for the first time that her love for photography blossomed. She began taking photographs of her new baby girl and would increasingly become more aware of her surroundings like never before. Her new daughter inspired her to make her hobby become a dream come true. She invested her time and finances in new equipment and to further her education in the art of photography. She continues to educate herself daily by either professional training or self-obtained knowledge anyway she can. Her art for capturing the perfect photograph is evident. She loves and uses color and everyday objects to enhance each photograph by using natural lighting and natural settings. She dedicates herself to capturing the perfect shot as well as creatively enhancing them to be the best that they can be. She has a love for the outdoors and for people. With love and enjoyment behind the camera, one cannot help but notice the raw emotion and love produced from the camera. Whether the photographs are of the entire family or individuals, each photograph is unique in its very own way. She will take her time with each client to ensure that each photograph captures the memories that will last a lifetime.

Laura Perkins' style of photography is one of "Natural Beauty". She uses natural lighting and settings to capture the natural beauty that lies within each of her clients. She will suggest new locations and ideas to insure that you are as comfortable and happy as you and your family can be during each session. She will continue this philosophy even after the session has ended. She spends hours editing and enhancing each photograph individually in order to achieve the best quality for each family, something you will not find in a studio.